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A honor society can be defined as organizations whose sole purpose is to find people within a certain influential group who have performed exceptionally well as compared to the rest. There are various disciplines which are okay for students to register exemplary performance, such as in academics and sports. Upon the realization that certain people have excelled in a particular discipline, the relevant societies that are associated with that field of activities find it convenient to involve the best performers to be part of them. They, therefore, send invitation letters to the individuals who had excelled and enlighten them more on what they deal with in regards to the discipline. The students invited as a result of being of much input towards the contribution of the activities of the discipline that they are concerned with are on the other end promised to have their names featured in the list of those who have excelled in the field.

Honor society that focuses on the field of academia often select the people to award based on their scholarly performance. An applicable scenario is when the societies tend to focus on the academic results in a particular subject that were done by students in a specified year. The student who emerged the best in the subject of discussion may, therefore, be welcomed by the institution to be part of them. There are a combination of color codes that are specific to various honor society groups. Similarly members of such organizations can also be identified by the special regalia and robes which they are supposed to wear. A majority of the different special instruments that are supposed to help in identification of members of a given society are not extended to non-members. During special events, the honor societies may permit the selling of its products even to those people who are not part of the organization in efforts to raise money.

The honor societies are found across the different levels of the education system starting from high schools, university levels and lastly, the postgraduate level. The university level is the phases where most honor societies are found as compared to the other levels. Membership in the honor societies has some special attachments. As a result of the need for exclusivity, all the avenues that may lead to a person being a member of more than one group is prevented. Once somebody has been declared a member of a certain group, he cannot be able to join a different honor society group. The person can only be allowed to join another group once he leaves the former group.

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