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Merits and Demerits of Daylight Time Saving

During the world war, a tactic was suggested to save on energy use. That involved changing the time the people rose and started their duties. All the people changed their clocks reading by an hour backwards. The hour was supposed to be recovered later in the year by sleeping an hour earlier than the normal time. The practice has evolved and affected the modern world as well developing into a culture with its own demerits. We shall look at the use of the program in the modern society and reactions from the people.

First lets revisit the sole purpose of the idea of daylight saving. The major aim was to save on energy in the course of the war. The objective of the idea has faded over time on the other hand. Its purpose has no use due to innovations and sufficient energy sources. The purpose was to wake up late when the sun is already up and save on light energy required in that hour. However there are other sectors that are affected and eventually using up even more energy. It has therefore resulted in more inconveniences rather than effectiveness.

The transport sector can also attest to the effects of the daylight savings. Air travel for instance, people are forced to wait or delay flights as a consequence. Time synchronisation has been affected all the way to the technology business. There has been claims that petroleum industry has been affected for a long time. In the extra hour, vehicles are observed to consume more fuel. The government has not been convinced to stop the culture of daylight saving time despite being aware of these effects.

Other sectors of the government have also presented their reports with an effort of bringing to an end the practice of daylight saving time. Some of the sectors affected include the technological department, the petroleum industry and the medical sectors. According to medics there are some mental and physical disorders that are as a result of the daylight saving time. Some of the disorders are heart attacks and increased suicides.

So as to end the daylight saving time, several reports have been presented to the congress. The energy department has defended the practice using several research result presentations. Different people in the society have been constantly presenting petitions against the idea of daylight saving time. They have even used modern forms of technology to ensure their points are heard. So as to get the feedback of other people as well as to get the information about the effects, websites have been developed. It is now time the government heard and put an end to the circus.

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