Balance concept of sex determination in drosophila in Fremont

This is likely to be due to increased expression from the single X chromosome in X;AA, although decreased expression from all the autosomes could also ensure that X chromosome expression is equilibrated with the autosomes [ 37 ]. Numbers of hybridization replicates are indicated in parentheses above each histogram panel.

Similarly, flies null for tra2 produce only Dsx M.

The activation of female rather than male sexual differentiation in the X;AA soma results in vast numbers of non-differentiated germ cells, presumably due to sexual incompatibility between the soma and germline.

Gene expression analysis of the function of the male-specific lethal complex in Drosophila. Fundamentals of experimental design for cDNA microarrays. Differences in gene expression in autosomal aneuploid segments were always significantly greater than those observed between the X chromosomes from XX;AA and X;AA samples.

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High coexpression for proteins in the same complex has been reported independently several times Jansen et al. A trans-acting regulatory gene that inversely affects the expression of the whitebrown and scarlet loci in Drosophila melanogaster. The genomic content of this meager ciliate, with a predicted number of 39, genes, dwarfs that of humans.

Mutations in the poorly connected components are more likely to lead to less pleiotropic phenotypes, with higher chances of going undetected. Cell 50 5 — Lemos et al. Dosage effects on gene expression in a maize ploidy series. New York: Columbia University Press.

HL estimates and KS tests were performed in Bioconductor. No elements were saturated. Additional data file 6 is a figure showing a simple picture depicting bootstrap HL estimates of median differences followed by the Kolmogorov-Smirnov KS test.

No arrays were discarded following duplicate element evaluation. Increased X-chromosome expression in the X;AA soma and germline. Occasionally, a few ovaries from X;AA hs-tra flies and germline-transformed Sxl or otu flies bear eggs.

Balance concept of sex determination in drosophila in Fremont

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