Pendulum boards and predicting sex of baby in Brownsville

If it swings back and forth, the baby is a boy. Others get so excited, they'll try all sorts of things to predict the sex of the baby before it's time for an ultrasound. Up Next Cancel. Follow Us On.

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William B. Pregnant women are more likely to listen to the opinions of their friends and family than to medical advice [source: Nicolson ]. If you're carrying your baby low, it's a boy. These days, there are plenty of high-tech ways to predict baby gender, but it's still loads of fun to use the various low-tech and inaccurate methods to try to suss out your little one's sex before he or she is born.

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With dozens and dozens of old wives' tales passed down through generations of women, there's no shortage pendulum boards and predicting sex of baby in Brownsville ways to try to guess the sex of your baby.

Take the pendulum around the area you believe the object was lost and wait for a signal a sudden change of movement at the exact point where the object can be found. Although, as with many stories and folktales repeated over the years, some people say the opposite — a circle means a boy and back-and-forth means a girl.

What do you use for the pendulum? Google provides ad serving technology and runs an ad network.

If it spins clockwise, expect lots of pink in your future. Some swear by these tests, and some just do them for fun. Who hasn't heard of the pendulum test in which a needle hanging from a thread is hovered over the mom's belly to see which way it'll turn?

Pendulum boards and predicting sex of baby in Brownsville

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  • Whether you're wondering about the sex of your unborn baby or how many children you'll eventually have, one test is claimed to provide the. Here's how to interpret the results: If the ring moves back and forth like a pendulum, the baby is a boy. If it moves in a circle, you're having a girl.
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  • Jul 24,  · Look at these beautiful online baby shower gifts from Australia you can tell your family and friends to give you on that special day that you’ll say the baby’s sex out loud. This is a great question. The use of a pendulum to predict anything – whether it be a baby’s gender or the outcome of a tennis match – is founded in divination. Jul 13,  · The pendulum can tell you the sex of your unborn baby even during the early stages of pregnancy. To carry out the test, lie down, hold the pendulum over your abdomen, and ask if it will be a boy or a girl. If the pendulum moves in a circular or eclipse motion, it's likely you're expecting a girl. It will be a boy if the movements are straight.
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  • One of the fun parts of preparing for a baby is trying to predict your unborn baby's gender and the guessing game that arises on whether it'll be a little. Are you having a boy or a girl? These old wives' tales are a fun (but not scientific!) way to guess the sex of your baby.
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  • Is she carrying the baby high or low? Was her pregnancy plagued by morning sickness or nausea-free? Do her food cravings run sweet or salty. When a woman is expecting a baby, the most common question she hears is "Is it a boy or a girl?" Some people like to wait until the birth and be surprised.
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