Process of sex cell formation in Red Deer

Furthermore, it is unknown how these axis proteins are assembled and how dynamic these proteins are during meiosis. Chandrasekharan, S. However, some of the axial and lateral element mutants display no defects in fertility suggesting that the structure and possibly the composition of the SC may be different in each sex.

Li, C. Abstract Meiosis is a conserved cell division process that is used by sexually reproducing organisms to generate haploid gametes. Zhu, and L.

process of sex cell formation in Red Deer

Therefore, antler regeneration does not utilize all of the same strategies as regeneration in the urodele amphibian. Please review our privacy policy. J Exp Biol. Brignier, A. They are produced in the female ovaries and consist of a nucleus, large cytoplasmic region, the zona pellucida, and the corona radiata.

Нимагу!! process of sex cell formation in Red Deer

Mech Dev. Pregnant uteri were recovered at slaughter on gestational day —, a time when the pedicles can be clearly seen on male deer fetus The growth of antlers, like that of other rapidly developing bones, requires extensive remodelling of cartilage and bone and thus is dependent on the local formation of osteoclasts from circulating mononuclear progenitors.

Cell Death Dis 10, Indian hedgehog couples chondrogenesis to osteogenesis in endochondral bone development. Effects of insulin-like growth factor 1 and testosterone on the proliferation of antlerogenic cells in vitro.

At present, there is only a little research on Zfx gene silencing to make the sex shift of offspring, so the mechanism of action of Zfx in sperm is not clear. These findings strongly support the view that the annual antler regeneration represents a stem cell-based process.

J Exp Biol. The testicular injection includes three methods: rete testicular injection, seminiferous tubule injection, and testicular interstitial injection, in which rete testicular injection can efficiently obtain positive offspring carrying the target gene [ 28 ].

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Process of sex cell formation in Red Deer

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