Tool prison sex lyrics deutsch in Darlington

Links Facebook Twitter Molindo. General Comment Also, he states in one interview how it is also about the cucle of abuse, the aspects of the constantly vitimized, and the about the thought of the perpetrator. Personally I don't know. And that's why he's a witness to the martyr.

It's not about "being butt-raped in prison. Makoe more so what he feels is justice Flag wolfecrew22 on April 26,

At first they are violated, but with time they "come around" to their predator's ways, and violate others themselves. Or both. They dont even put the lyrics on the album because they aim for you to listen to the music with the creative side of your brain, to express yourself, to build upon yourself.

I've come round full circle. Exclusive offer Get up to 3 months of free music. More lyrics from the album. I believe it might very well be possible that this song is indeed about getting tool prison sex lyrics deutsch in Darlington in the joint. The snake hissing was his lamb and martyr.

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Someone has been raped, and the only way they can find catharsis, the only way they can cope with the trauma, is by raping themselves. Release in sodomy. I don't think the "do unto others" and "do unto me now what has been done to you" means the victim becomes the abuser.

For one sweet moment I am whole. Alternative metal.

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  • It took so long to remember just what happened I was so young and vestal then You know it hurt me.
  • Но это были лишь разорванные обрубки огромных дорог: оживлявшее их удивительное.
  • Причина. Его ошеломления была очевидна.

I think this song is about religion too but why would he say,"I have found some kind of temporary sanity in this shit, blood, and cum on my hands? Fuck those people. Do unto others, what has been done to you" the person liked the prison sex, and starts a cycle of it "release in sodomy, the one sweet moment I'm whole" It's an overwhelming feeling of completion to make love to another man.

Tool prison sex lyrics deutsch in Darlington

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